22 May 2005

Albums to look out for

The next couple of monts will spawn a number of higly profiled album releases as well as some less known but equally interesting ones.

The two obvious ones must be Coldplay and Oasis who will be fighting for the throne in the UK (probably and fortunately with Coldplay as the winner). While Oasis will most likely present us with more retro rip-off rock, it's going to be more interesting to see how Coldplay cope with that difficult third album. Not only will they have the challenge of expanding their sound - they also have the eyes of the world staring at them. This is probably one of the most anticipated releases in recent years. Anyway, from what I've read there should be no need to worry. It's gonna be all good and this year should be another triumph for Chris Martin and lads.

Another interesting release comes from The Tears, the collaboration between former Suede members Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler. I've only heard the first single off the album but to me it sounds very much like Suede and there should be instant appeal to the huge Suede fan base. Guess the big question will be if the rest of the world will take notice or if the Suede sound has already been stretched as far as it can go. I myself await the album with a sceptical yet positive feeling.

I'm also looking forward to the new album from The Wallflowers called "Rebel, Sweetheart". It'll most likely be more mainstream American rock from Bob Dylan's son but I've found something really appealing in their open and relatively light sound. So that's probably one I most own.

Norwegian melancholy princess Lene Marlin will release her third called "Lost In A Moment". I'm pretty sure that if you liked the other two, here's more pristine melancholy for those rainy afternoons. Don't forget the tea...

Saint Etienne release their "Tales From Turnpike House" in June and despite the fact that they're apparently working on a childrens album, this one should be just in the right time for the summer. Saint Etienne still have their own sound and when they're best they are still unmatched.

Former Smashing Pumpkins captain Billy Corgan has scrapped the Zwan project and now stands on his own two feet on "The Future Embrace". It should be a relatively positive album compared to the dark Pumpkins days but I'm sure we'll still get the occasional guitar noise. Mind you, my favourite Pumpkins album is "Adore" which was their most quiet and reflective. So more of that would be right up my alley.

Norwegian chillout duo Royksopp's eagerly awaited second album "The Understanding" will be with us at the end of June. Since their debut was quite brilliant, expectations are high in my book.

There are other releases by the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai and The White Stripes to get you excited. So reserve some room in your budget for cds. It will be well worth it and should ensure a sonically great summer!

For more info on upcoming album releases, visit this spot.


Le Mec

20 May 2005

Eels, Kylie & Oasis

Well, while creating this blog I've been listening to this new album by Eels, one of my favourite US indie singer-songwriter bands. I can't help feeling that Mark Oliver Everett - aka E - the lead singer is really a sad motherfucker. In the positive way. Seems like the harder his life gets, the better the music we get to hear. Pretty much like Robert Smith from The Cure. The worse and more frustrated he feels, the more darkness and chaos he puts into his albums. And, being a sucker for melancholy, that's just right for me.

(Eels: Blinking Lights And Other Revelations)

Other than that, I guess the big news in music this week has been Kylie's breast cancer diagnosis. What strikes me is how well-liked this tiny Aussie is. It's really quite heart-warmening to hear how much support she's gotten from the public. I really can't image anyone not liking Kylie. I mean, you may not like her music, but as a person she's just so sweet, unspoiled and charming. That's quite unique in a music business where making a name for yourself by standing out in some way is almost certain to get you some hate. But not Kylie. I can almost see for myself how the guys in the local death metal club are having a quiet nod towards Kylie before they're off to spew death and destruction on the world.

Finally, in about a week the world will be hit by the new Oasis album. Can't say that means much to me, though. In fact, I've never been less excited by the thought of a new Oasis album. Even though the album has received quite good reviews I have a hard time acknowleging the genius of Noel Gallagher. Looking back, there really has been a lot of rip-off in Oasis' music and the fact that they are still being hailed as rock gods in the UK says absolutely nothing about the quality of their music and much about the average UK rock fan's need to cling to a working class rock dream....or illusion.

Anyway, these were the words for now. Will be back soon.

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