8 August 2007

Thank God for Pete Doherty!

I can't stand this guy. He really pisses me off. Or maybe not so much him as how the music media is incredibly fascinated by his doings and so-called music career. I mean, there's got to be a limit to how little talent you can get away with...

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that, ultimately, the media don't flock around Doherty because of his music skills. It's probably to document this car crash of a person and to be there when he finally explodes. Rather sad, isn't it...

But...to anyone who's ever been star struck, I guess there's some comfort in seeing that fame is not always the same as rising above normal people. Pete Doherty is the devastating example how utterly poor and sad a person can be. Celebrity or not. How he landed Kate Moss is beyond me.

Whatever. He pisses me off.

Le Mec


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