2 July 2007

Music to look out for this autumn

As always, the summer is pretty slow when it comes to new album releases. People are away enjoying the summer and record companies are holding out for the autumn with the release of new material.

This usually means that the end of the summer marks an interesting time for new music and this year's no different.

On my list of albums to look out for, I've got quite a few albums from established artists who will again grace us with new music.

First and foremost, DURAN DURAN are lining up 'Red Carpet Massacre', an album containing collaboration with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. I'm sensing it'll be a less guitar-driven album but am hugely looking forward to their collaboration with the hottest pair in dance pop right now. This simply cannot go wrong!

Swedish indie rockers KENT also return with the follow-up to their brilliant 'Du & Jag Döden'. Over the years, this band has steadily grown into a personal favourite of mine and I am expecting more melancholic guitar-based indie pop with that special Scandinavian mystique layered around great melodic anthems.

One of the revelations of 2006 were Danish synth rockers SPLEEN UNITED. Their new material has already been previewed at a couple of shows and critics are saying that it's even better than their debut 'Godspeed Into The Mainstream'. If this is actually the case, doom and gloom will once again sound ever so sweet.

Staying in Denmark, TV-2, the essence of being Danish, will once again shower us with '80s flavoured pop songs commenting on Danish life. It's a bit odd praising a band, which most foreigners will no doubt have a hard time understanding, but nevertheless their upcoming album will be an essential release for me this autumn.

The same can be said for the solo debut from Del Amitri frontman JUSTIN CURRIE. While we wait and see if the Del Amitri break is permanent or not, it will be good to get another doze of his bittersweet pop hymns. Hear some of them on his MySpace page.

Legendary westcoast rockers THE EAGLES are rumoured to be lining up an October release for their long-awaited album. Besides 'Chinese Democracy' from Guns N' Roses, there's probably not an album, which has been spoken more about and looked forward to. Having heard some of their recent stuff, however, there's also a certain risk that this will be a huge let-down. I hope they will come across less patriotic American and more like the old Eagles...

Trance heroes CHICANE release 'Somersault' on 23 July, which should make for a great summer soundtrack. They are still the bearers of one of the greatest trance albums ever ('Behind The Sun').

Finally, UK indie newcomers HARD-FI are back with their second album. I thought the first one was packed with great indie pop and a real grower, so I'm sure the second will be worth checking out.

All of the above are looking like October/November releases.

Stay tuned for more recommendations.

Le Mec


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