9 November 2005

Coldplay fatique

Three albums and about a million (or so it seems) TV appearances into their quite impressive career, it seems like Coldplay have somehow hit a wall. At least in my mind, and things have started moving in another, more negative direction.

It's not really that their music has gotten worse over the three albums. In fact, the latest album 'X & Y' is quite good and, although not as good as 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head', can definitely hold its own. I have just had enough of their constant whining. Or put in another way: I am getting increasingly tired of the lack of width and depth in Chris Martin's vocal and am really starting to miss a little more edge.

When you add the fact that Coldplay have become rather over-exposed in terms of being on every single award show with that song over and over again ('Fix You') - a song Chris Martin doesn't sing particularly well live - things have become just a little bit too much.

I mean, Chris Martin and Coldplay may be the nicest people on earth and instantly appealing, but this very fact may actually be working against them from now on. Take Scottish band Travis, for example. In 1-2 years they went from being one of the hottest new bands in the UK to people completely turning their backs on them and record sales falling faster than a rock with a turbo engine attached to it! Simply because they stuck to the same old sound and were too nice and uninteresting as people. I'm not saying the same will happen to Coldplay but I do think the 'nice guys' factor may be working against them from now on. Unless they manage to spice it up with a little more edge, both musically and reputation-wise.

Who knows - maybe a dirty affair with bitch Paris Hilton followed by a bunch of spiteful love/hate songs could be the answer for Chris Martin.

I for one will be looking for a big change on their fourth album if I am to keep up my Coldplay fascination. Let's all hope for a little more SCANDAL!!

Le Mec


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