24 September 2005

Reggae and R&B rubbish on the airwaves!

Oh God, free me from all the reggae/latin-inspired and R&B drewling pop muzak filling my radio and TV!

Why did they ever invent someone like Shaggy, Puff Daddy and all the R&B divas? Ever since they infested the music scene we've had nothing but hundreds of clones imitating them or taking lots of inspiration from their music.

It is definitely causing me to lose a lot of interest in chart music (more than I would have anyway, since I'm now in my thirties and officially too old to really be down with the scene).

So excuse me for asking back the 90's where chart music seemed to be a little heavier on both quality and substance.

Oh, and by the way, while you're at it - get all of those kids off the chart as well! They belong in school, not on my damn stereo!

Aaahhhh.....that felt good. Now I'm all calm again. Anyone for some death metal??

Le Mec


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