24 September 2005

MEW - a Danish revelation

This post is mainly to draw your attention to Danish band Mew.

Mew makes indie-shoegazer-dreampop and is beyond doubt one of the most exciting bands within this genre at the moment.

Their fresh new album is just out and it's called "Mew And The Glass Handed Kites". Never mind the stupid title, it's a journey into fantastic soundscapes of melancholy and delicacy.

The album is available internationally and you should do yourself the favour of listening to it. It's guaranteed to bring new depths to your music collection.

Mew's website can be visited at www.mewsite.com.

All hail melancholy!

Le Mec


Blogger konstantanol said...

do u know where i can download mew videos in the net ? what do u think about their previous album "frenger" ?

30 September 2005 at 17:33  

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