20 May 2005

Eels, Kylie & Oasis

Well, while creating this blog I've been listening to this new album by Eels, one of my favourite US indie singer-songwriter bands. I can't help feeling that Mark Oliver Everett - aka E - the lead singer is really a sad motherfucker. In the positive way. Seems like the harder his life gets, the better the music we get to hear. Pretty much like Robert Smith from The Cure. The worse and more frustrated he feels, the more darkness and chaos he puts into his albums. And, being a sucker for melancholy, that's just right for me.

(Eels: Blinking Lights And Other Revelations)

Other than that, I guess the big news in music this week has been Kylie's breast cancer diagnosis. What strikes me is how well-liked this tiny Aussie is. It's really quite heart-warmening to hear how much support she's gotten from the public. I really can't image anyone not liking Kylie. I mean, you may not like her music, but as a person she's just so sweet, unspoiled and charming. That's quite unique in a music business where making a name for yourself by standing out in some way is almost certain to get you some hate. But not Kylie. I can almost see for myself how the guys in the local death metal club are having a quiet nod towards Kylie before they're off to spew death and destruction on the world.

Finally, in about a week the world will be hit by the new Oasis album. Can't say that means much to me, though. In fact, I've never been less excited by the thought of a new Oasis album. Even though the album has received quite good reviews I have a hard time acknowleging the genius of Noel Gallagher. Looking back, there really has been a lot of rip-off in Oasis' music and the fact that they are still being hailed as rock gods in the UK says absolutely nothing about the quality of their music and much about the average UK rock fan's need to cling to a working class rock dream....or illusion.

Anyway, these were the words for now. Will be back soon.


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