12 June 2005

DJ River - excellent dance/chillout mixes

If you're into dance/trance/chillout music, here's the best offer you'll find for some time: This Swedish DJ called DJ River regularly posts some awesome 70-80 minute long dance mixes, compiling some of the greatest dance and chillout tracks into one long epic of melody, atmosphere and soul.

One of the greatest things about the mixes is his choice of songs. They're always brilliant songs, making every mix a joy from start to end. And it's also top-notch car music.

But the best of it all is that all the mixes are completely free! All you need to do is download the high-quality sound mixes and burn them onto a cd.

Anyway, give it a listen at:
...or go straight to the page with the mixes here.

My favourites include:
Chicane Anthology Vol. 1
Chicane Anthology Vol. 2
Ambient Chillout Mix 4
Chill House Mix 4

Happy downloading!

Le Mec


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