2 July 2007

rodrigo y gabriela rules!

Who the f... are they. Well take a breath and spare a few minutes to hear their music. I’m sure they’ll convince you of their potential.

“Rodrigo y Gabriela” (Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero) are a mexican acoustic guitar duo, who plays – as described by The Evening Standard – (acoustic) “Latin Metal”!

They met while playing in trash metal band "Tierra Acida" back home in Mexico City. But very soon they found out that their was no future for this kind of music in Mexico. So they travelled to Dublin, where they finally got success.

Their self-titled album “rodrigo y gabriela” (2006) entered the Irish Albums Charts at #1, leaving - among others - Arctic Monkeys debut album behind.

The album was re-issued in the spring of 2007, where it was highly acclaimed by music magazines; “The MOST exciting acoustic act in the world” (Acoustic Magazine), “A storm of an album” (Word), One of the best guitar albums in ages; one of the best discs this year” (Billboard) and “This music is the sound of passion as interpreted by and spoken for in a new rock & roll language” (All Music Guide).

Recenly they have supported Muse at the new Webley Stadium (June 16, 2007).

Well.., visit their myspace site or the bands own website. You won’t be disappointed.




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