7 July 2007

Uninspiring benefit concerts

I don't know about you but I am finding the current stream of benefit concerts rather uninspiring and definitely not worth the attention from an artistic point of view. I'm not attacking the purpose of supporting important causes, such as Live Earth promoting awareness about the current climatic situation. What I'm saying is that I am finding it really difficult to mount any form of excitement over the performances at these events.

I've been watching the events 'Concert For Diana' and 'Live Earth' and am really disappointed by the number of pale performances lacking nerve and real commitment. It may be because the shows take place in full daylight but it seems very difficult for most artists to really get into the groove and deliver a performance worthy of the noble cause they are supporting.

Maybe inflation has set in and the number of these kinds of events are just too high. I for one have lost quite a bit of the fascination and will never again discover the sheer goosebumps of anticipation I experienced back in 1985 with Live Aid. The prospect of gathering so many great artists was simply unbelievable. And the performances also seemed to be more heartfelt. At least compared with today.

I for one will not be marking my calendar and vigurously defend the event against something more interesting when the next 'fantastic' event comes along.

Le Mec


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