25 March 2006

That's It! I'm hanging up on mindless radio pop muzak

It's been on the way for some time now: The feeling that life just isn't long enough to keep an open mind to all music I hear. Having endured the last few years of increasingly stupidifying radio and music TV crap I believe this is the time to officialy check out.

It's not that I'm surprised by the low, low level of intelligence and musical integrity in today's average pop music. The tendency towards sex, sex, and easy but unjustified fame has been on the way for years now. What amazes me is that the people actually exposed to all of this - YOU (or mostly the younger audience) - have absolutely no critical sense. They just swallow it all with no expectation or demand for the slightest bit of substance. Music really has become something you use and then spit out when the next trend or cool comes along. Nothing sticks and building a name for yourself without first taking off your clothes, bad-mouthing everyone or being part of Paris Hilton's entourage is a hard, hard battle.

I guess I'm not really bothered that much by the above. After all, this is how the world is today and I can accept that. However, the utter lack of personality (you know, the stuff that's behind the facade) really is frightening. I mean, even Modern Talking had some sort of personality back in the '80s. A crap one, but a least there was a story behind the band. Today, everyone in pop music seems to have been either professionally casted, participated in some kind of reality show, fucked their way onto the scene, or is just ridiculously good looking.

Anyway, if at least all of this slickness could result in decent and interesting music, much would be forgiven. But this is obviously not the case, and, judging by the way things are moving, it will only get worse - not better.

So, I believe I will do myself a favour and step off the crappy rollercoaster and just spend my time on music I really find something in. After all, there's still a lot of it out there, even though you may not find it on TV or radio.

And, as always, you can find my reviews and recommendations of all the good and not so good stuff coming through on the music scene at LeMec Music Net.

Hope this will spark some kind of inspiration...

Le Mec